Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

I did not like the Chritsmas tree then I liked it and had fun with it, a lot of fun. I had a sleepover. Then I did not like it because it was different than my sister's tree. When I got home it was better. Then I had fun, more fun. I liked  it again.  Fun fun fun. I did.  It is Christmas tomorrow. I am going to have fun, so much fun today. Fun fun, lot of fun, good fun really fun and I hope everybody has fun. The End

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Dogs are Tired All the Time

The dogs are tired all the time because they ate a lot all the time and they play all the time.  Their names are Wezl and Fee Foo. Cindy adopts them. This is what they do in the morning, play and they played 
with Cindy. All of the puppies were cute. Cindy was leaving. A puppy sitter came. It was Bert. Bert played with the puppies. The puppies were happy. This is what tricks dogs can do, magic loops. The End

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Train Driving in the Snow

This is what I do in the snow. I go sledding. I make footprints and make snowmen. I play snow tag. The train got stuck down the track. Another engine came to help. The other train pushed it to the station. The passengers were safe. They thought the train would not show up. Passengers were on the train. There were four passengers. The passengers names were To To, Fee fee,  Haha, and Zaza.  This is how old the passengers are, one is twenty, one is six, one is three, one is seventeen. This is what they did on the train, sat there.

The train in the picture looks like Diesel, Are and Bert. Bert teases engines. Diesel he is bad.

Are, he tricks engines. The End

Friday, December 3, 2010

Babies in a Flower Pot

There were nine babies and flower pots and they had fun, but two did not have fun. Six had fun. The Mommy thought that it was their bed time and it was their bed time. Just two the next morning. All of them had fun and a great day. They also learned their ABC's. Then they climbed on rocks and had fun and played after that and they ate lunch baby stuff and played after that. They had fun all evening. Then they went to the beach. Then the babies played afternoon. The End  

Crash Cars, Crash Cars

Once upon time there was a car, that crashed in to a tree.  Then it screeched to the beach and it splashed in to the water. A fish came.  It played its favorite game, it's cold shark chase. It found the car.  It ate it. It left. It came the next day. It fond a ship on the ship had six people on the ship and one baby and two kids.   They were playing on a computer.The End

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bunnies Driving in a Car

One day four bunnies were driving in a car to a pizzeria.  They were really funny and they were hungry.  The  bunnies went home for tea and cookies and the nexst day the bunnies went to the market for food. The next day the bunnies went for a sleep over with their Gramma and it was fun, really fun.  The next day they went home.  They had tea.  It was yummy and good.  Then they had supper.  This is what they had for supper, carrots and tea.  It was fun, fun, fun, and the nexst day they had fun.

The next day they were going to town.  This is what they did in town, they lived there and had fun there too and they always had tea and carrots. The End

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fun PBS Kids Games I Play

I play PBS Kids.  I play Cailluo . I play Dinosaur Train, Arthur, Martha and the Cat in the Hat.  This is how I play Caillou.  I play Caillou's Circus act.  This is how I play Dinosaur Trains field guide, you listen to the guy.  This is how you play Scoop.   You have to match the pattern.  This is how you play Martha's Pizza.  You make a pizza . This is how you play the Cat in the Hats Weather Report.  You have to change the weather and you can put the pictures on the left.  This is how you play Cyberchase, you have to get all the people to the other side.  This is how you play Cyberchases train build track ..... thing...  I like to play these games because they're fun.               

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fun Thanksgiving at Uncle Mike's Barn

We went  to Mike's barn.  We ate cookies and we played in the attic and downstairs.  We played Guess Who I Am and we had fun.  We passed Mike's barn and we played with dominoes and we played with a helicopter thing and a tank.   I drank juice and water.  The End

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baby Turtles

There were four baby turtles and one was sad, very sad.  The other ones are happy.  Their names are So, Po, Do, Fi and Fu.  1 2 3 4 and they ate fish and they grew and they laid eggs and they were swimming for a long time.  The color of them is green.  Two lived in the water and two lived on land.  They were cute when they were babies and one day they were sick, very sick.  The day after that, they were better.  The end.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Train Wreck Story

A train was chugging down the track fast and troble it recked and work men and came a train fast really fast and it wrecked because a stick was on  the tracks . And the train was there forever then another train came by with a crane and it saved the day and the train did its job then another train was in trouble it . Came off the tracks and a never train came and it did not have a crane it just pulled the other train and it was safe too.

Mommy's Baby Chicks

The eggs came in the mail like this, rockedy rockedy.  This is how the chicks hatched after 21 days.  We ate breakfast and dinner.
This is how the chicks hatched... Mommy helped the chicks and they were wet and they got fluffy.   They got used to eating and drinking.  They're cute and I like them and they're fluffy and soft.  They're names are 12, 28, 87, 26, 71, and 20.  They're asleep they ate all their food and one of them is up.  Mommy's chicks came in the mail from California.  Mommy is going to have some more eggs in a week or so.  The chickens at California should lay 4 eggs.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Zaine's Birthday Party

We went to Zaine's party I ate pizza and chips and pretzels.  I pulled a string on the pinata.  I colored a picture and I played with balloons and kids and I got some treats in a bag and a panda bag too.  Joe was there and Emmet and Kathy and my best friend Holden.  Aunt Gale was there.  I got candy and toys and whistles too.

I am the guy with the brown shirt.  I am picking stuff from the pinata.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Djamolodine's Hell of Sand Game

Eric's Fun Party

Yesterday I went to Eric's.  I ate chips and cake and I played with games and stuff and alpacas and ice cream and a alligator game and a ball game and juice boxes and a ball thing then that you throw balls into the holes and a hockey thing and a race car game and a bus thing that shakes and a farm game and a teeter toter too and a gun thing and fun and Olivia was the too.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fun Toys

Santa gave me toys on my first Christmas eve.  It was fun and great and I got toys and stuff.   I got race cars and airplanes and trains and a helicopter and new book shelves and a race track  and a little book to stickers and I put the stickers.  I want for my nexst Christmas is a Lady and pillow pets and blocks and a dump truck that goes with it and an Edward.  The end. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Bunch of Little Chicks in a Little Coop

Mommy's chicken's are going to hatch soon.  There in the incubator when they hatch I'm going to play with them.  There are 10 eggs.  There name's are patch, cup's, good, mad, are, butter, yay, so and red, and they're cute and fluffy. 1 of them are the funniest egg. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Went to the Dentist Today

I went to the dentist today.  I played there.  Then I got a turn.  I went on a chair.  It leaned me flat.  The dentist said I had the very best teeth he had seen all day.  I had when we got almost there we bumped into somebody.   I had chocolate toothpaste.  AA's went drill drill drill really really fast.
The kitty has bad teeth.  It needs to go to the dentist.

Monday, November 8, 2010

After I Fell Down the Steps

I was sitting on the stairs and telling the chickens a story.   I fell down the steps.   I came in the house and mommy`s sister came and daddy came home and I was not happy.   

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Funny Car Falling Down

A car had an accident.  Its driver was going backward, but he did not look where he was going.  It fell and tumbled down and landed on a house roof, and it fell into the roof.  The driver did not know where he and his car in a haunted house.  The driver did not know how to get back up there to park up there.  It was blue, but blue is not a lucky color.  So he did not buy it.  So the driver went to go buy another car. But there were none.  So he went to the rusted car sale.  So he picked one of the rusty old cars.  The new car was creepy and funny, so he brought it.  He went home.  The end.  

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Funny Looking Car - 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Uncle Todd has this car.  He drives fast in a race with his car.  He won because he crashed  the cars.  It was funny.   So he bought it.  He went home and read a story to Eliza so she could go to sleep that night and tomorrow.  A littile girl came to spend the night.  Her name was Cat.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Giant Chicken

A huge Chicken was in a huge coop and huge chicken friends and 1 little chicken it's tiny 1 and it was as big as the man.  It was creepy.  So the man took the chicken for a walk so it will shrink and mommy hugged it and took it and she tried to put it in the coop, but it was too big.  So she got a bigger coop.  The end.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baby Zaine Eating a Kitty

Zaine was crawling around until he found a cat and he was eating the cat.  Then his mom yelled at him.  He did not listen to his mommy.  His mommy said, "want a bottle, and he crawled to his mommy.  The end.