Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bunnies Driving in a Car

One day four bunnies were driving in a car to a pizzeria.  They were really funny and they were hungry.  The  bunnies went home for tea and cookies and the nexst day the bunnies went to the market for food. The next day the bunnies went for a sleep over with their Gramma and it was fun, really fun.  The next day they went home.  They had tea.  It was yummy and good.  Then they had supper.  This is what they had for supper, carrots and tea.  It was fun, fun, fun, and the nexst day they had fun.

The next day they were going to town.  This is what they did in town, they lived there and had fun there too and they always had tea and carrots. The End

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