Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Angry Birds Seosons Video

I made a Angry birds video and you will like it. If you do tell me ok if you forgot read this again and you will remember. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Train Toys

We made a really funny video. There are lots of funny parts you will like. All the parts that you'll like, I just know you will like my video. There was a thing trying to pick up the train, a caboose crashing into it, and chugging off the track. You will see what I mean in the video, everything is true. that is in the video.  I can not wait till next year. It is true. I cannot wait till next year, because we are going to Fun Central. Yay! Yay! Yay! It's fun there, so I think kids do not want to leave, because it is fun there, more fun in the GYM. There are bridges that are fun, slides, trampoline, and stuff to climb. It is so much fun, you got to go there to see what I mean about it. I hope you like the video and the blog. That is seven lines long right now. Make a comment if you like it or not. If you like it say this, "I like it." If you do not, do not send a comment, ok? If you forgot look at this, I am almost done. Daddy said that. I am excited. AA is not happy, because he erased everything on his blog. I am so excited, not that excited.          

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Last night we made accidents will happen video. We got the train from Jessie's. It is so much fun. AA was singing the accidents will happen song. Everyone will like it, but me. This is how I got it, I went to Jessie's for supper. Then I found the train in the basement. I brought it home, because I was playing with it and no one else was. So I brought it home and set it up for my video. I hope someone likes it besides Daddy, because he was recording it. Then he said he liked it. Lots of people will like it, I am sure. I am excited for someone to see it. Daddy is almost done scanning stuff, sorting stuff out and answering the phone. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Alligator and Panda

Once there was an alligator and a panda. They planted a sunflower in January. Then a weird looking fellow came. His name was Jim. He was clever. The Panda said hello. They were spelling all day. Then they went to a party. They went out the exit when they left the party. The door handle broke, so the panda jumped out the window. They were so cold they couldn't move left or right. They looked at a statue for entertainment. They took a camera with them to take a picture. They read facts. They went to some sanding on a tree. They can't do the top. Then the next day was February. They found a rattle at the yard sale. They never came again. For supper they had onions. The panda wanted extra onions. Then the next day the panda said, "Every day he will make an effort to write stories that make sense."

The End      


Saturday, October 29, 2011


There are two bees buzzing all around me.
We got lots of costumes.
We got new trains. They are so much fun. AA destroyed the battery powered train. He took the wheels off and took a coupling off of the train, it is true.
We got Angry Bird stuff. They are great. We have blocks to make a hideout, those are fun.
Daddy is going to the school that Grampa went to when he was little. Daddy wants to live in it. I do not want to because there are holes in the floor, drywall is falling off the ceiling it is really a dangerous old house. I do not know why daddy wants to live in that house. Mommy wants to live in a different house. I do not know what type about Halloween. We went to the school to play with trains and watch the cement truck. It got stuck. Daddy got him out with the skidder. We went to Tammy's and waited for Grandma. She picked us up, then we watched volleyball and then we went to Bilo to get a treat. That is all the things I remember about it.
I think daddy is not going to the new house today. No I do not know what to type about. In a half an hour Daddy will check this because it is 9:33. I am really really excited today. I'm having fun, not lots, but I am. I saw a huge fly. I do not know what to type about. I am typing fast today. AA was playing a game. AA needs to hurry up. I do not that much, because my blog is huge and Daddy said I am almost done with this. The more I type the happier I get. It is 9:53. Daddy was right. I love Daddy so much he is the best parent I ever had for today. AA got glasses. I forgot all about it. I am really hungry and now I am not feeling happy, because of that. Daddy is going to check this when he comes in, yay! This is going to be so much fun. I am lucky today.      

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Birthday Picters At Fun cenctral

me in a tunnel
AA near A pirate  
Zaine in a race car

AA & DJ Birthday Party Pics 2011

Djamolodine's 7th Birthday

"We had three days off yesterday I was really bored because daddy was working and getting cake so I did not have that much fun well at the fun center I figured out to ways to get to the big red slide I asked why. Just in case there is a way filled with kids go the other way if there was two dead ends that will not be good.

Dennis is under me she is so cute. I am ahead of AA. Denny wants held by me. She is a couple weeks old. Maybe three or two. She is funny. We got worms. Denny loves me. I have a hole in my leg. The baby is distracting me, because she is cute.

I am scared. I am ahead. I wish I was not itchy. I am thinking of something weird on Netflix. AA is having a really bad day, because he is not going fast. I am pretty much. It is funny that we thought that peanut butter was cavities, it was peanut butter. We got a toy gun thing. It broke. AA is catching up.

Denny is silly every second hour minute and day I am really scared, but I am doing good really good is what I think Denny is really loud I can not concentrate and Dennis is under my chair playing like she is in a gym like where we went. That was a fun gym. I got great presents. Now I do not know what
to type about. At Fun Center there was Gramma, Holden, Zaine, and my big sister. That is as far as I can go. I can not think of anything else. I do not want to say the same thing over and over again. We played mini golf. AA fell and hit his tongue. I do not like mornings like this.

My belly hurts. I need to poop AA is really really stupid. I got gooey stuff on my elbow. AA kissed Daddy, ew. Mommy is up yay! Great I want to show her how much I typed. I want a picture of a baby bald eagle silkie in a house. I do not now what Daddy is talking about, my blog is huge. Daddy is going to be so happy and surprised. That is as far as I can go for now. I think this looks really good and big. I love today. Daddy bringing the baby outside if it is a house chicken. We got worms from the fun center. I forgot everything else. It is true, it is nice outside.  

Sunday, September 25, 2011


We had a busy day yesterday, another one today, because we are going to Maggie's party, or not. We are going to have fun today. There will be cake and more food to eat. Now I am thinking of last year, it was more fun with the playground, a slide, some climby thingy, and a little house with a ship wheel. That was fun and slide things too. I do not know what they are called. Today is going to be so much fun yay! Holden is coming the day after tomorrow. It is our birthday yay! Fun Center here I come, in a couple of days.

At the truck stop I had a mouse pancake and bacon.

I think we caught the rat. I think Daddy needs to check.

I am hungry.

Mommy is sleeping with a baby house chicken, yucky gross.

I need to type faster so I can eat my pancake and a muffin, yum yum. So that is why I type fast. AA types slow, because he is not as hungry as I am. I want a muffin and my pancake. That will be a great breakfast. I am really hungry. AA is not because he is looking at pictures and wasting time. I am going to be done before night now. AA was watching Thomas videos. I love today because I am doing this faster than two days ago. I don't feel good, not much. I am excited. I am way ahead of AA. I will get to play games first. AA is going to be so bored. I do not think I can type any more. Daddy wants the page about full. Daddy has something to show us. I cannot see what it is, maybe Hot Wheels or a little machine. Those will be great. It is a game I want to play it, maybe it has a slingshot. I do not know what it is. I want to know what it is. I am thinking about it. Daddy scared me two times. I do not know what to type now. Daddy has to make a phone call so I have to keep typing.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yesterday Mommy let as do school in till daddy got back, so we still wanted to play on the computer.

Pizza Delivery it is so much fun. Like the truck game and other ones.

Why do I smell apples? Oh I love this day, pretty much. Daddy is working hard all day.

Once there was a cat in a hat, looking at the map then took a nap and then he jumped out the hat. The end.

On Sunday were going to Maggie's party. Oh that wold be fun because I love her so much. We tell jokes play lots of stuff. We're going to my favorite creek. I am not swimming. I am playing in the play ground. I  think there is one. Holden might be there. Yay, yay, yay, I am so exited to go play with Maggie and Holden because I love them. They're different but there my best cousins.

I am hungry. I do not like today. I feel better now. AA was playing games. AA is in big trouble. AA keeps lying and keeps playing games and running around.

I have a splinter.

Once there was a train named Henry. One day Henry had a accident, he fell in a mud pit. Percy helped him up. Henry was surprised. The End     

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We had fun yesterday because we played games and had laser pops for a treat. I am excited to play angry farm animals, it is like Angry Birds pretty much, not all of it.
 Last night I forgot to put my cup into the fridge.

Oh, this day is going to be fun, pretty much. I think I got AA's brain because am I going faster or know what to type about.

Maybe the doctor will help me figure this out when I go for my check up tomorrow, for a test. It is like a early check up, no shots, they hurt to much. Mommy says when you have medicine when you are not sick you'll get sick. So I want to be healthy so I do not get a shot. AA screams when he gets one.

I am doing good on my blogs every day, but Monday because it is our day off. This is exciting because I'll be done soon if I keep typing this the same speed as now, I get to play math games and logic puzzles that give your brain a work out.  It is funny, brains do not work out. It is stupid maybe it is a joke.

AA has been interrupting me wile Daddy was up stairs, it is true, I am not lying. I smile when I lie so does AA.

Sometimes AA throws stuff and I get on him.

Daddy is going Salamanca. We're going to have fun, so is Daddy. We'll like Mommy watching us. Daddy might go in a minute or three. I thought he was leaving. Now he is going to Salamanca, or not,  Daddy is coming back       

by Djamolodine 

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Once there was a cat in an attic playing hide and seek. Nobody found him, so they gave up. The cat won the game. He was the best player ever. So they got a dog to help out. Then the dog won. Everyone was surprised that it found them when they were in a hole in the ground. They moved, but did not take the dog. The dog was not happy so he snook into the car under a seat. That dog was really sneaky. Then it was happy. The owner was mad and then the owner kicked him. The End

Tomorrow it is our day off, yay! That will be so much fun. I am going to play Angry  Birds and watch Accidents Will Happen and there is a big Thomas ride-on train. Daddy is coming to ride with me. That will be fun. It looks fun too. Oh we can have the little Thomas for Zaine when we watch him or Skyler. I will push so it goes faster. Zaine will like it. I will make a hill for the train. If it will not go up, I will push it up the hills and it will go fast from me pushing.

Once there was a cat jumping down the street. Then it ran in a house. It looked nice on the outside, but had traps on the inside, lots and lots of traps and camouflaged traps. The cat saw a ramp, so he climbed the ramp and thought a trap was a bridge. The cat got squished, so did the owner. The End

What else I love about Thomas is when things fall on a different train or diesels. Oh and on one of the shows Molly and Emily battle. The name of the show is Molly vs Emily. Emily won. I thought Molly would win, because Emily's tender was off the edge. When Molly's tender was off the track she was out of power, so Emily won. This is why Molly ran out of power, the batteries are in the tender, and when Molly's tender was off the track she got weak. So Emily won because her batteries had a rest.     


Saturday, September 17, 2011


Last night when I was brushing my teeth my tooth fell out. The tooth fairy did not give me any candy. I told Mommy to write a letter for what I want from her. I don't want this to happen again. I'm tellng Mommy about this until she understands.

Once there was a cat on a dog jumping and scratching. The dog was angry and chased it all over the park and city. Then they came to a dangerous bridge, no dogs allowed, because it was a cat bridge. If a dog was on it or something heaver it will break. The End

When I'm done I am going to play with Skyler or little fussy pants. I am ahead of AA. I accidentally deleted everything. I thought that I needed to start all over again. Daddy fixed it. I am happy. I forgot about the candy, not much, but I did. If I keep this up I will be done in a hour. So I will play with the baby and watch Thomas. I am three lines ahead of AA. Mommy and Daddy need to work so I will watch him. After he leaves I will watch Thomas Accidents Will Happen. I am going to the chickenstock with bunnies, chicks and more. I can not say them all, because there are so many animals. It will be fun.

Once there was a cat that was acting like a chihuahua, because it was a chihuahua. The owner thought that it was a funny cat, because it was dancing funny. So he brought it back to the pet shop. Nobody wanted it, so it died. The End

I will be done. AA's watching videos. After this is done I get to eat. I was lucky yesterday, because I was done.

Once there was a dog named Lucky he was not really lucky. He was lost in a dangerous building with a hole in floor. A dog catcher fell in the hole, another one slipped on ice and fell in a pond and got really cold and was ice. When they went off in their truck it was on fire, because the wire that connects to the heater and thats way the truck was on fire. The End

I will be done and have some cookies for breakfast. I am hungery so that's way I am going fast. AA's going slow for breakfast. I want a cookie a tortilla and milk. 

Friday, September 16, 2011


Once there was a cat eating dog food.  A dog was eating cat food. The owner that it was funny it was like opposite day when it was so they made a party bloons everywhere and steamers to it was so much fun at pinata time then puppets popped. Out everywhere The End and at the fun center I'm going to play hideinsik in the GYM. The GYM is huge I'll get conthust witch way it is like a maze I might give up and then run out of the GYM to tell Mommy about it then Mommy well help me. Do it fun Tuesday is when where doing I'm so exsided I cant what till Tuesday athter Tuesday or ride the bus. Or race car. I just do not know what to do Mommy gave us milk when you were at the cort house Daddy were lucky at the fun center I am going down the huge slid three or four times and try not to be nerves about the huge slid I will try it Clara died like Owl but bigger I am having cookies for breakfast I want to lick the spoon I needed to type till you got home Daddy I want English muffins and there is no more muffins for me today because I do not want some muffins I wanted you to came home Once there was a cat in a GYM working out for the week then a dog came and cat cast the dog and never stopped because hes muscles are huge The End
on my video there is accidents happen I like it because trains crash together fall and crash trains off the track and pulling stuff  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If I went for a walk I'll see an ice cream store and the dentist. I went in the ice cream store. After I was done I went for a check up. Then I saw a puppy I petted the puppy. Then on my way home I saw a basketball team I played for a long time. Then we went home for the night. The next day we went to the grocery store.

Once there was a doggy dancing. then he said to his brother "Want to dace?" "No not now, I got to eat" The doggy's dancing brother, Ago, hit a pipe so he ran into the woods.

Why do birds fly south? Because it is too far to walk.

What gets lost every time you stand up? Your lap.

What kind of dog has no tail? A hot dog.

What is the last thing you take off when you go to bed? You take your feet off the floor.

What do giraffes have that no other animals have? Little giraffes.

 Why does the fireman wear red suspenders? To keep his pants up.

Why did the little boy throw the clock out the window? Because he wanted to see time fly.

What is the best way to make a fire with two sticks? Make sure one of the sticks is a match.

What time is it when an elephant sits on a fence? Time to get a new fence.

What did the big firecracker say to the little firecracker? "My pop is bigger then your pop."

What goes up when rain comes down? An umbrella.

What kind of animals jump higher than a house? All kinds of animals. Houses can not jump

What holds up a train? Bad men.                    

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 Once there was a car in RS to get a paint job at Romone's. His friend is Greta.
  Mommy has the hiccups it's funny when it starts.

The Tooth Fairy is coming tomorrow night yay. I will be getting a push pop, a red one. Double yay. I'm excited about tonight.

Once there was a cat that was playing in the fire pit. So it throws twigs all over the fire pit then it was lost in the twigs.

Once there was a dog named Dogu. It was lonely all day, so it ran away to a pizza store for something to eat because it was hugery and the pizza store was the closest to home. Dogu thought it was why he got kicked out. Because he was bothering the baby named Socute, because it was so cute and crawls all over the house, even up the stairs. So he went to a pet shop far away and a customer came in and had Dogu forever and was happy about it.

When we get the boomerang bird it's going to be fun with them getting shot at the pigs or in the air and click when it's coming down.

Mommy said there was a UFO. I'm scared about the UFO. I want to see it. I hope I see it. I don't believe in UFOs they are not real it doesn't make sense to believe it.  I need to see it.                          

Friday, September 9, 2011


Last night Mommy got two sandwiches. Once there was a doggy that's name was Queew. It got three puppies. They were just born in two years. It was their birthday. They were two. It was strange. The End

I got my head phones on so I can listen to music like the Green Grass All Around thing or I don't know, Down the Bay, the duck song, maybe. I like the Sesame street Elmo song. I like the Zaine "come on" thing. Zaine will think it's funny. It is not really funny. He will dance the beat, a funny beat. Yesterday was garbage day. Once there was a cat that was listening to music. Listening to lot of songs, like the one I'm listening to right now, the rainbow song. I don't know what this song is called. I have no idea. I love this because it's funny it is called Down by the Bay. It is a great song. The End

I don't know what to type. Mommy didn't wake up yet, but it's 1:04. I'm dancing to the beat. It's fun. This is a weird song. This is funny, pretty funny. This is my sunshine.

Once there was a chicken with headphones on wherever it went, but it wouldn't fit in coop. It would not fit in the door or the holes. So it was miserable. Then the coop exploded! Wood flew all over the place, even in the trees. The wood in the trees feel on someone's head, which is AA's head. Then it was in half. The End

Now I really don't know what to type about. Now Daddy gave me a idea. I'll type about him. Yesterday he wrote a note about the headphones and he did not cut my nails, because I was in bed, but it was 9:00 before Daddy got home.                                    

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kittiy In The Fire

Today for breakfast were having Fruit Loops. They're so good. I love them. I want them. I'm excited, I can't wait. I have a bug bite on me. 

Once there cat and a dog that played all summer. When the cat left the dog forgot about the cat. When it came back the dog chased it everywhere. Then the cat ran away. The dog was in trouble, big trouble. So he was in the house for a week. Then the owner got two cats at the pet shop. The dog was surprised. The End

I got bug bites all over me, so I think I'll tell Mommy about them.                                                                                                                                                              
Daddy you said he will get me some headphones for music. My birthday is in two weeks and five days. If Daddy leaves and forgets his note I'll give it to him if I'm done with this long blog. I want my blog back to normal. I don't like it this way. The pinky is called a pinky because one side is pink, and the other side is yellow. AA has to start over. I'm ahead of him. Yay! It's like I teased him, so I'll get Frootloops first and milk. Great day, a really great day. Daddy is getting milk for me, none for AA. I just know it, not really, I thought he would. I'm bored. I feel left out.

Once there was a cat that was born. It was brown and white. Its name is Also. When he grew up he was black, then he dropped into the fire pit when a fire was in there. The fire was following him in the woods in the park. The End

 I don't want to do this till midnight. If I only typed fast like Mommy and Daddy, but I can't see under my fingers, nobody can, but I don't now how they do that. I just don't know. I want to learn it after this is done. Daddy will teach me for school and more things about I-don't-know-what, what makes car wheels go... If  you don't know, I'll see it on Beakman, because there is a show about it. There is a tank truck at Choice. It just left. Is it the tank truck that is small one or the one it with the trailer. One my favorite tank truck. It's a half an hour till its 9:00, but I'm still ahead of him. Mommy got AA a new band-aid from her super band-aid place. It's a fuzzy band-aid. I can't what till supper, because were not having Fruit loops for supper. I want taco bell  for supper, because we didn't have it for lots of nights and I want nachos and tacos, but I need to do these. Then I'll eat before AA. I love you so much. I love Mommy about the same amount. Well I could have been done if AA was not talking the whole time. Mommy and Daddy were outside. I'm almost going to be done. AA's playing with Lightning McQueen and changing colors. I'm going to tell Daddy that AA talked when he was not allowed to. Daddy's coming down. I typed a lot. I should type lots, so Daddy can check  this.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kitty Story

There is a dead mosquito under the computer. It's really scary and about three inches is long.

Once there was a cat in a bowl with milk all over and wherever it went it was wet. He mad the stairs wet and everything. Then he got a bath. He jumped out and got everything wetter. After supper it went outside then a dog came. The cat ran up a tree. The firemen came, but they couldn't reach a high branch. They needed a different firetruck. When it came it, the mission was accomplished.

When Daddy leaves, he will get me headphones. I don't know what to type for today. I did not remind Daddy about my fingernails and toenails. I want Daddy to check this, so I'll do it fast, I'll try. We had so much fun last night. When Daddy was little Gramma Grampa had 8- tracks. I'm getting upset, so after this is done make me feel happy by watching Beakmen, because I did not watch it for three or two days. I don't know about four maybe. So today I'm watching it, I really am, because it's one of my favorite shows on Netflix. Last night I did not sleep. I'm staying here in till I'm done.  

Once there was a kitten. It was lost and hungry. Then it found a pet shop. He went in. He jumped in a cage. The owner had customers. They got the kitten and took good care of him and had a good time with him. Now the owner will have so much fun when the kitten grows up. He was digging in the garden, so they put him in a cage. They kept him inside for a week. He was sad. He got no food or water. At night he crept out of the cage and caught mice, lots and lots, and then he was not hugery for a week. The End

The more food I see, the hungrier I get. So I want sandwiches and cereal and milk to drink. I want to do my typing game. I really want to play it because I like it. ...well a little bit. This looks long. I typed a lot, pretty much lots.         

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Dog story

I just talked while mommy was on the phone, like always, every day. So if it rings again, I'm not making a sound, not a peep. So I'll try not to make a noise.

Once there was a dog that was sick, so he needed hot water and food. The next day he was better and he played all day. That night he got a puppy, a brown one with black spots. They went to the attic for bed, because there is a doggy bed for everyone. Then a cat came and jumped on the puppy.  The big dog bumped it and they cuddled together for the night. The end.

At the camp it wasn't the way I wanted it to be. I played horseshoes I got a double ringer. I played on the trampoline with Holden, Maggie, and Hayden. It was fun. I bounced high. AA bounced low. We fought. We were not allowed to play on it. I wanted to sit. Calya left tommy at the camp out, so he had to wait there in the tent. AA was squishing me in the tent and Daddy was squishing Mommy. She was squishing AA. He was squishing me. All night at the camp out Daddy's phone was ringing.  It woke me up. When I was going pee a daddy long leg crawled up the wall. I did not cook one hot dog, I am really upset. I hope Duane understands next year or I'll write a letter for him just in case.

My full name is: Djamolodine Duane Shaffer 

I live in: Brookville, because Mommy took me here. 

The state I live in is: Pennsylvania

When I grow up I want to be a: Race car driver. I want to be a race car driver, because I like them. Their spoiler, their paint, everything, that's why, but I don't like being runned over. Dance to the beat of the radio.    
My favorite holiday is: Halloween, because of the candy and lollipops. I want to dress up as Lightning. I'll go vroom and scare them. They'll think I'm McQueen. I'll pick which candy I want.   

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Camp Out Today

Today we are going camping with my best big sister ever Cayla. Zaine is not coming because he will fall into the fire. I cant wait. Don't forget the marshmallows and night light. I'm sitting by Cayla and I'm cooking my own hot dogs tonight.

Mommy said that a rat was a water bottle. She went closer and it moved and ran to Choice.

Choice is called Choice because it has chocolate and ice, so they called it Choice.

Tonight I will play tag with Holden all day. Holden will not catch me at all because I'm fast. AA's almost done. Now I want to go. If the fire works come I'll watch it in the tent at the camp out. I will be happy. Daddy got a camera. I took pictures of AA and Daddy. Daddy got a tooth in pop. It's there for a week. Mommy got our clothes. When I'm done I'll put them on so we can be early and quick before Holden leaves.   

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Camp Out Story and the Day Off

We were going to not have fun at the camp at all. I am just going to lie down in the tent and not eat anything all night and not eat anything at all and that is all for the camp out.

I am going to smack AA in the face and now I don't know what. AA is a liar. A small liar.

You are not listening. I want a day off. I can't help it. I want a day off off off off off. I'm hungry. I don't know what to type. I don't know. I don't want to write a story. I hope you understand. I don't want to do these.

Mommy is going to send us to bed which is what I wanted, but I don't want to go in the corner for a hour. Today I have to do two blogs and if I don't have it done by to tomorrow I will do three blogs.

Oh I will not think about camp out now. I'm not thinking about the camp out now. I am thinking about my blog and the camp out. I don't know if I want to go to the camp out or not. I just don't know.

I typed a lot from yesterday. It looks like it is longer.

  I'm going to not sit by Calya and Zaine at all. I'm going to tell spooky stories and now I'm thinking about something weird on TV.  I don't want hot dogs at the camp out. I just want smores and marshmallows. Well maybe I'll have one hot dog or two. I don't know how many I want. Two will be fine and okay, so maybe I will have smores and corn on a cob. That will be a great supper. I will get to cook my own hot dogs and marshmallows. I will like it now. It will be fun in the tent with Pooh Bear all night and day, so much fun. So I will make sure you understand and at the camp out I will tell Zaine a story about a cow and it's baby called AA the calf.

Once there was a calf named AA. When he was five, he was lost in the woods and saw a barn with chickens and dogs. When AA saw candy corn and he thought it was real corn. It wasn't. it was cardboard. He saw footprints and went home to see his friends. They had cake and corn. So when they went in the barn they couldn't fit in the door. So they went one at a time. It worked. Then they jumped in the hay. the end                                             

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Camp and Wii Game Story

Mommy set up the tents. AA and I were playing, and we are going to sleep in them.We are going to have fun except for the blog part. I want to type about nature, but I don't know anything about it. Well it is funny, nature, uh, there is funny things a little bit like dancing birds like Roo and flamingos. Maybe some other birds, big and small, you will find them all. The campout will not be fun at all. I'm going to is sit in the tent all night. It will be fun around the camp fire, because of marshmallows, chocolate crackers and hog dogs. Cayla, Zaine and Tommy are coming. This camp out is going to be fun except for Daddy. I am going to sit by Cayla and Zaine, because I love them so much.  I'm mad about today. I am not going to do races on Cars. All I  am doing is tractor tipping and tag.                   

Once there was a  girl named Little Red Riding Hood. She was walking in the woods. Then the wolf came and tried to get the goodies and I don't know the rest of the story, really I don't know the rest. Maybe Mommy will teach me tomorrow. At the camp we are going to roast marshmallows and hot dogs. We are going to sleep in a tent. It will be fun all night. AA is bad because he does not do his work . the end                


Some bugs are good and some are bad. So be cafeful.  You think bugs are good, but they are bad, OK? Make sure you see what it does so you know what it does.

I don't to go camping or cuckycheese ever not for the rest for my life. I want to stay home on my birthday, it's true. I don't want to go, so I'm making sure and Daddy doesn't like my blogs, so he will not like this one.

Today is a special day! In a warm, quiet corner of the barn Mama cat nestles in the hay.

"I really love Gramdpa,"said Speedy. " I want him to be happy. I promise I'll visit with him tomorrow."

"That would be a very nice thing to do, Speedy," said his mother. Speedy ran off to the path. Lightning and the other colts were waiting for him there. Little red hen lives happily on a farm along with her three chicks.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Djamolodine's Blog for Today

I am writing a story about fish. 

Puffer fishes puff up when they are getting eaten so they don't fit in the fishes mouths. The sharks teeth are huge. The blue whale is huge. Even its baby is huge. Clown fish have stripes.

Sheep have wool to make pillows. Some cows have horns, like goats.

The Chucky Cheeses crown is for birthdays only and a money machine for prizes, lots. They have fun games, lots of games. They have cake, pizza, and bread sticks. It will be great. I love chuckycheeses. It is fun.

There were three billy goats that wanted to cross a bridge, but there was a troll underneath. The littlest goat went first. The troll said, "Who is trip trapping on my bridge?"

"It's me, little goat."

"I am going to eat you," said the troll.

"Please don't eat me. My big brother is coming." So the troll let the little goat go. Then middle goat came.

Then the troll said, "who is trip trapping on my bridge?"

"It's me, middle goat."

"I'm going to eat you," said the troll.

''Please don't, my big brother is coming.'' So he let him go.

"Who is trip trapping on my bridge?

"It's me, big goat."

"I'm going to eat you,"  said the troll.

"OK, eat me."

So the troll did and then the troll fell into the water.  the end for the billy goat story                    

I am wishing that I could read.

What is the day after tomorrow? Monday

 The car is red.

Do you know how to get to zaine's house? no

Go upstairs and read a book.

Adrien and I are going to eat a goat.

When does the party start? I don't know.

Who is ralph? I don't know.

Which dog is the cutest? poodles

I am running through the forest without any shoes.

The paper plate is dirty.

Is the paper plate clean? no

What color is the sky? blue

The chickens are noisy.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Camping and the Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Once there were three bears, papa bear, mama bear, and baby bear and they made porridge. It was hot, so they went for a walk. Then Goldilocks came by and went in. She saw the porridge. She got hungry. So she tried Papa bear's porridge. It was too hot. Mama's porridge was too cold, but Baby bear's porridge was just right. She was tired so she sat down in a chair, Papa's chair. It was too pointy. Mama's chair was too bumpy, but Baby bear's chair was just right.  

Once there were three little pigs. One's house was made of straw. One's house was made of sticks. The last pig's house was made of bricks. The big bad wolf came. He said, "little pig, little pig, let me come in."

"Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin," said the piggy.

The wolf said, "then I'll huff and puff and all blow your house down." The first pig went to the second little pig's house. Then the big bad wolf came and said, "little pig, little pig let me come in!"

"Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin."

"Then I'll huff and puff and all blow your house down!" said the wolf. So the two little pigs ran to the third little pig's house. Then the big bad wolf came and said, "little pig, little pig let me come in!"

The piggies said, "not by the hair of the hair of my chinny chin chin."

"Then I'll huff and I'll puff...."

the end

At the camp out all I'm going to do is sit in the tent. What you do at a camp out?  We are going to have a  camp out at Duane's. We're gonna eat smores and hot dogs. We are going to have fun in the tent.      

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Djamolodine's Great Story

We went to the grocery store to get some bananas, bread, buns and cheese.  Somebody bumped into us and when we went home I saw race cars yellows, greens, and reds. When we got home I told Daddy about the cars. We went to watch the race and the winner was the black team. I did not know there was a black team. 

When we got home we did not see a thing and then people popped out and said happy birthday Djamolodine. Thank you very much. We went to the fair to celebrate my birthday. We had ice cream, hot dogs, and pizza.  We went on a roller coaster, a train, a slide and a weird ride. Then we went home and played Wii all day. We were playing cars.

Then we went to a restaurant to eat supper. We went to Subway for supper. It was delicious.

When we got home Mommy made a garden with lettuce, pumpkins and carrots. When she came in we were cuddling with Daddy all day and night. Mommy was upset and smacked us in the face twice. Tomorrow I get to watch tv and I am going to watch Spongebob Squarepants, Dino Dan, the new Wipeout with bunnies on it. It will be fun and great really. After that I am going outside to play and swing.  It's going to be really great so I am make sure it is great.  Right now Daddy is checking this. the end

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Strange Halloween

We were working in a construction site. We went home and mommy had new twins named Glab and Med. They were happy and we went to the park. Then while we were swinging, the twins were walking. We were surprised that they were walking around the park all day and we went to the concert. They were happy because it was their birthday. So it was fun and Glab died and then we were sad, really sad that Glab died, but AA was happy, very happy and then we were mad. Then we fought together. Med was happy, very happy.

The next day we went back to the construction site with cranes, cement trucks, bulldozers and dump trucks. It was fun, so much fun. Skyler came by and said, "what are you doing?"

I said, "we're building a house, a big house, really really big as a skyscraper or bigger. OK?"

Skyler said, "OK," and we went home and then Med died because of AA hitting her in the face, in the belly, the cheeks, and the back. So they sent AA to Grama's house for a week and we came in the middle of the week. Then we left so he does not sneek in the car and hide in the back or front. The next day the house was done. It was red, green and yellow. When we got home mommy died, but nobody was there because we looked and looked and looked and looked but there was no sign of anybody. We could not find anybody. No one was there, no one at all. Then there was a creek a croak. It was a bad guy, really bad, so bad, but it was Halloween and then everybody jumped and said "happy Halloween." The End                     

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Djamolodine's Dino Blog

Dinosaurs lived a long time ago. The t- rex, the spinosaurus, the dromaeosaurus, and the compsognathus, the stegosaurus, the triceratops, the brachiosaurus, and the dinodocus were all dinosaurs. The stegosaurus changes the color of  its plates. The triceratops defends itself by its horns. The dinodocus waves its tail. The triceratops eats plants. I like the dinodocus  because of its tail.  It is an herbivore.  I like the dromaeosaurus because of its feathers. The stygimoloch has a helmet and spikes on its head and it is fast like the dromaeosaurus. The quetzalcoatlus is the biggest bird ever. The smallest bird ever was the pterodactylus. It eats fish like a cat.

The t-rex is the king of the dinos and the stygimoloch head butts other stygimolochs. R-rex's like to eat brontosaurus's.  T-rex have teeth as big as bananas, and it can break bones with its teeth. So maybe they can eat stegosaurus's. It is two stories tall. The t-rex was also known as the king of the dinos and that is all I know about the t-rex.  It  was also known as the lizard king and it lives in the cretaceous period oever 100 years ago. The t-rex was one of the biggest meat eaters that ever lived. It was huge. It was as long as three cars. T-rex is amazing and cool. It is my favorite meat eater and I like it because it is brown, because of its teeth and that it is a meat eater and the fun part is its arms because their arms are short. Really the t-rex was about the size of a spinosaurus except the snout and the spine and everything.

You can not see dinos, but you can make a copy, draw one or color or do all those at one time. Some people think that a giant meteorite destroyed them all. Since nobody knew what happened, we just know that they're not here anymore. Some dinos have feathers.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Earth, My Favorite Things and Stuff About AA

We live on the planet Earth. There are seven continents. They are Africa, South America, North America, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Antarctica. We live in North America. We live in the United States. We live in Pennsylvania. Our town is Brookville.

I like to see parades. I like to watch the traffic. I like my house because of  the paint, but I do not like the moss on the roof, because there are bugs in it. I like car rides. I like to run on the road to get candy at parades. I like when it is Christmas. I like presents, playing the computer and holding the chickens. I like to look out the windows.  I like to play with Zaine and Emmett. I like to sleep. I feel comfy in my bed. It is great I like to draw. I like to color. I like to exercise. I like to read books and magazines. I like to suck on my cups and cuddle with daddy on my bed. I like to color with mommy and celebrating mommy's birthday every year. It is fun, really fun.

AA is playing a video game. I am supposed to do my work and I am not supposed to look out into space. I love daddy. I am almost done. I am going to have no fun and AA is having fun. I am never going to be done ever. Mommy is getting water for the chickens. When I grow up I am going to be a race car driver and I am going to have a cat. I need to go pee but Daddy says no. Mommy is taking a long time and AA is watching tv.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

AA and I Went to the Fair

Yesterday afternoon I went with Gramma and Grampa. I went to the fair. I went on a bumper car. I went on a fun slide. We rode a bear. I rode a rollercoster. AA rode the ferris wheel with Grampa. We were playing on a castle. We saw a turtle, a bull, goats and camels. We watched a truck pull. The trucks pulled the weight.
I had cotton candy. AA likes the red one. I like the green and yellow.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Does Matter Matter?

What do trees, air, and water have in common? they all have matter that means they take up space you might be wondering why there look so different if they all have matter Everything found on Earth can be grouped into one of three states of matter solid,liquid or gas in order to figure out which state of matter an object fits in.

Easter at Aunt Marsha's

On Easter we went to Marsha's house. Gramma was there. Holden, Olivia and John were there. I got candy. I played football with Nick and Eric. We found eggs. We gave them to John. I played with cars. I played guns.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time...there were three little pigs. They built 3 houses. 1 was made of straw, 1 was made of sticks, and 1 was made of bricks. The wolf found the house of straw. The wolf said, "little pig little pig, let me in."

The piggy said, "not by the hair of my chinny chin chin."

The wolf said, "then I will huff and puff and blow your house in." So he did. Then the little pig ran to his sister's house. The wolf came to the 2nd house. "Little pigs, little pigs, let me come in."

The piggies said, "not by the hair of our chinny chin chins." So he blew the house in and the pigs ran to their brother's house.

"Little pigs, little pigs, let me come in," said the wolf.

"Not by the hair of our chinny chin chins."

"Then I  will huff and puff and blow your house in." But he could not blow the house in.  The End

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Having Fun at the Doctor

The doctor is a bunny.  His name is Bobby Bunny.  He is standing beside the bed of the sick fox, holding his clipboard and looking at his watch for the time. The fox is sick. It has the flu. Foxy has balloons on his bed. He is waiting for the doctor. The nurse is telling the raccoon that his water is here.  

Poppy is playing go fish. Hippo is giving water to Sedel.  A fox is holding a teddy bear. Rein is doing something crazy.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Djamolodine

My name is: Djamolodine
I live in: Bookville
My sister's name is: Calya
My brother's name is: AA
I have pet: chicks
My favorite color is: red
My favorite number is: Eight 
My favorite animal is: dog
What I want to be when I grow up: a doctor 

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Turtles

I have turtles on my homepage.  I feed them. I change them. I feed them turtle food. I tell them stories.  AA doesn't have turtles, he has a hamster. Daddy is going too step on my turtles. My turtles' names are Pop, Tot, Rot, Then-bee and Soon.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Djamolodine: The Horse Named Goodhorsey

Djamolodine: The Horse Named Goodhorsey: "The horsey's name is Goodhorsey. He zooms, he plays, he jumps, and he digs. He's nice. He steals milk from the cows. He steals the chickens'..."

The Horse Named Goodhorsey

The horsey's name is Goodhorsey. He zooms, he plays, he jumps, and he digs. He's nice. He steals milk from the cows. He steals the chickens' eggs. He chases stuff. He is six years old. He eats. He plays with another horse and has fun. He drinks. He's fun. Kids like him sometimes. People buy him and he likes it when somebody cleans him. He loves it so much. The End

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Got New Paint

I have new paint  brushes and pens. We're going to try them out. I'm going to make a rocket. I play the brain game. AA beat my ass. I am not having fun. I like the brain game. AA got sent upstairs. Daddy
is leaving. Mommy is talking on the phone. The vacuum is dirty. Mommy is cleaning cd's today.

Monday, January 3, 2011

My Trip to the Bowling Alley

I  went bowling yesterday. It was fun. Gramma was there. Daddy got a strike. It was nice. I liked it and I bowled too. I pushed it down the ramp. Gramma was there, Todd was there, Grampa was there, Emliy was there, Rick was there, Jenny was there, and Jake was there. I ate pizza there. I played games and I got tickets. I got paint and fake teeth and I got a ball.  The End