Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Camp Out Story and the Day Off

We were going to not have fun at the camp at all. I am just going to lie down in the tent and not eat anything all night and not eat anything at all and that is all for the camp out.

I am going to smack AA in the face and now I don't know what. AA is a liar. A small liar.

You are not listening. I want a day off. I can't help it. I want a day off off off off off. I'm hungry. I don't know what to type. I don't know. I don't want to write a story. I hope you understand. I don't want to do these.

Mommy is going to send us to bed which is what I wanted, but I don't want to go in the corner for a hour. Today I have to do two blogs and if I don't have it done by to tomorrow I will do three blogs.

Oh I will not think about camp out now. I'm not thinking about the camp out now. I am thinking about my blog and the camp out. I don't know if I want to go to the camp out or not. I just don't know.

I typed a lot from yesterday. It looks like it is longer.

  I'm going to not sit by Calya and Zaine at all. I'm going to tell spooky stories and now I'm thinking about something weird on TV.  I don't want hot dogs at the camp out. I just want smores and marshmallows. Well maybe I'll have one hot dog or two. I don't know how many I want. Two will be fine and okay, so maybe I will have smores and corn on a cob. That will be a great supper. I will get to cook my own hot dogs and marshmallows. I will like it now. It will be fun in the tent with Pooh Bear all night and day, so much fun. So I will make sure you understand and at the camp out I will tell Zaine a story about a cow and it's baby called AA the calf.

Once there was a calf named AA. When he was five, he was lost in the woods and saw a barn with chickens and dogs. When AA saw candy corn and he thought it was real corn. It wasn't. it was cardboard. He saw footprints and went home to see his friends. They had cake and corn. So when they went in the barn they couldn't fit in the door. So they went one at a time. It worked. Then they jumped in the hay. the end                                             

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Camp and Wii Game Story

Mommy set up the tents. AA and I were playing, and we are going to sleep in them.We are going to have fun except for the blog part. I want to type about nature, but I don't know anything about it. Well it is funny, nature, uh, there is funny things a little bit like dancing birds like Roo and flamingos. Maybe some other birds, big and small, you will find them all. The campout will not be fun at all. I'm going to is sit in the tent all night. It will be fun around the camp fire, because of marshmallows, chocolate crackers and hog dogs. Cayla, Zaine and Tommy are coming. This camp out is going to be fun except for Daddy. I am going to sit by Cayla and Zaine, because I love them so much.  I'm mad about today. I am not going to do races on Cars. All I  am doing is tractor tipping and tag.                   

Once there was a  girl named Little Red Riding Hood. She was walking in the woods. Then the wolf came and tried to get the goodies and I don't know the rest of the story, really I don't know the rest. Maybe Mommy will teach me tomorrow. At the camp we are going to roast marshmallows and hot dogs. We are going to sleep in a tent. It will be fun all night. AA is bad because he does not do his work . the end                


Some bugs are good and some are bad. So be cafeful.  You think bugs are good, but they are bad, OK? Make sure you see what it does so you know what it does.

I don't to go camping or cuckycheese ever not for the rest for my life. I want to stay home on my birthday, it's true. I don't want to go, so I'm making sure and Daddy doesn't like my blogs, so he will not like this one.

Today is a special day! In a warm, quiet corner of the barn Mama cat nestles in the hay.

"I really love Gramdpa,"said Speedy. " I want him to be happy. I promise I'll visit with him tomorrow."

"That would be a very nice thing to do, Speedy," said his mother. Speedy ran off to the path. Lightning and the other colts were waiting for him there. Little red hen lives happily on a farm along with her three chicks.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Djamolodine's Blog for Today

I am writing a story about fish. 

Puffer fishes puff up when they are getting eaten so they don't fit in the fishes mouths. The sharks teeth are huge. The blue whale is huge. Even its baby is huge. Clown fish have stripes.

Sheep have wool to make pillows. Some cows have horns, like goats.

The Chucky Cheeses crown is for birthdays only and a money machine for prizes, lots. They have fun games, lots of games. They have cake, pizza, and bread sticks. It will be great. I love chuckycheeses. It is fun.

There were three billy goats that wanted to cross a bridge, but there was a troll underneath. The littlest goat went first. The troll said, "Who is trip trapping on my bridge?"

"It's me, little goat."

"I am going to eat you," said the troll.

"Please don't eat me. My big brother is coming." So the troll let the little goat go. Then middle goat came.

Then the troll said, "who is trip trapping on my bridge?"

"It's me, middle goat."

"I'm going to eat you," said the troll.

''Please don't, my big brother is coming.'' So he let him go.

"Who is trip trapping on my bridge?

"It's me, big goat."

"I'm going to eat you,"  said the troll.

"OK, eat me."

So the troll did and then the troll fell into the water.  the end for the billy goat story                    

I am wishing that I could read.

What is the day after tomorrow? Monday

 The car is red.

Do you know how to get to zaine's house? no

Go upstairs and read a book.

Adrien and I are going to eat a goat.

When does the party start? I don't know.

Who is ralph? I don't know.

Which dog is the cutest? poodles

I am running through the forest without any shoes.

The paper plate is dirty.

Is the paper plate clean? no

What color is the sky? blue

The chickens are noisy.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Camping and the Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Once there were three bears, papa bear, mama bear, and baby bear and they made porridge. It was hot, so they went for a walk. Then Goldilocks came by and went in. She saw the porridge. She got hungry. So she tried Papa bear's porridge. It was too hot. Mama's porridge was too cold, but Baby bear's porridge was just right. She was tired so she sat down in a chair, Papa's chair. It was too pointy. Mama's chair was too bumpy, but Baby bear's chair was just right.  

Once there were three little pigs. One's house was made of straw. One's house was made of sticks. The last pig's house was made of bricks. The big bad wolf came. He said, "little pig, little pig, let me come in."

"Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin," said the piggy.

The wolf said, "then I'll huff and puff and all blow your house down." The first pig went to the second little pig's house. Then the big bad wolf came and said, "little pig, little pig let me come in!"

"Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin."

"Then I'll huff and puff and all blow your house down!" said the wolf. So the two little pigs ran to the third little pig's house. Then the big bad wolf came and said, "little pig, little pig let me come in!"

The piggies said, "not by the hair of the hair of my chinny chin chin."

"Then I'll huff and I'll puff...."

the end

At the camp out all I'm going to do is sit in the tent. What you do at a camp out?  We are going to have a  camp out at Duane's. We're gonna eat smores and hot dogs. We are going to have fun in the tent.      

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Djamolodine's Great Story

We went to the grocery store to get some bananas, bread, buns and cheese.  Somebody bumped into us and when we went home I saw race cars yellows, greens, and reds. When we got home I told Daddy about the cars. We went to watch the race and the winner was the black team. I did not know there was a black team. 

When we got home we did not see a thing and then people popped out and said happy birthday Djamolodine. Thank you very much. We went to the fair to celebrate my birthday. We had ice cream, hot dogs, and pizza.  We went on a roller coaster, a train, a slide and a weird ride. Then we went home and played Wii all day. We were playing cars.

Then we went to a restaurant to eat supper. We went to Subway for supper. It was delicious.

When we got home Mommy made a garden with lettuce, pumpkins and carrots. When she came in we were cuddling with Daddy all day and night. Mommy was upset and smacked us in the face twice. Tomorrow I get to watch tv and I am going to watch Spongebob Squarepants, Dino Dan, the new Wipeout with bunnies on it. It will be fun and great really. After that I am going outside to play and swing.  It's going to be really great so I am make sure it is great.  Right now Daddy is checking this. the end

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Strange Halloween

We were working in a construction site. We went home and mommy had new twins named Glab and Med. They were happy and we went to the park. Then while we were swinging, the twins were walking. We were surprised that they were walking around the park all day and we went to the concert. They were happy because it was their birthday. So it was fun and Glab died and then we were sad, really sad that Glab died, but AA was happy, very happy and then we were mad. Then we fought together. Med was happy, very happy.

The next day we went back to the construction site with cranes, cement trucks, bulldozers and dump trucks. It was fun, so much fun. Skyler came by and said, "what are you doing?"

I said, "we're building a house, a big house, really really big as a skyscraper or bigger. OK?"

Skyler said, "OK," and we went home and then Med died because of AA hitting her in the face, in the belly, the cheeks, and the back. So they sent AA to Grama's house for a week and we came in the middle of the week. Then we left so he does not sneek in the car and hide in the back or front. The next day the house was done. It was red, green and yellow. When we got home mommy died, but nobody was there because we looked and looked and looked and looked but there was no sign of anybody. We could not find anybody. No one was there, no one at all. Then there was a creek a croak. It was a bad guy, really bad, so bad, but it was Halloween and then everybody jumped and said "happy Halloween." The End                     

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Djamolodine's Dino Blog

Dinosaurs lived a long time ago. The t- rex, the spinosaurus, the dromaeosaurus, and the compsognathus, the stegosaurus, the triceratops, the brachiosaurus, and the dinodocus were all dinosaurs. The stegosaurus changes the color of  its plates. The triceratops defends itself by its horns. The dinodocus waves its tail. The triceratops eats plants. I like the dinodocus  because of its tail.  It is an herbivore.  I like the dromaeosaurus because of its feathers. The stygimoloch has a helmet and spikes on its head and it is fast like the dromaeosaurus. The quetzalcoatlus is the biggest bird ever. The smallest bird ever was the pterodactylus. It eats fish like a cat.

The t-rex is the king of the dinos and the stygimoloch head butts other stygimolochs. R-rex's like to eat brontosaurus's.  T-rex have teeth as big as bananas, and it can break bones with its teeth. So maybe they can eat stegosaurus's. It is two stories tall. The t-rex was also known as the king of the dinos and that is all I know about the t-rex.  It  was also known as the lizard king and it lives in the cretaceous period oever 100 years ago. The t-rex was one of the biggest meat eaters that ever lived. It was huge. It was as long as three cars. T-rex is amazing and cool. It is my favorite meat eater and I like it because it is brown, because of its teeth and that it is a meat eater and the fun part is its arms because their arms are short. Really the t-rex was about the size of a spinosaurus except the snout and the spine and everything.

You can not see dinos, but you can make a copy, draw one or color or do all those at one time. Some people think that a giant meteorite destroyed them all. Since nobody knew what happened, we just know that they're not here anymore. Some dinos have feathers.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Earth, My Favorite Things and Stuff About AA

We live on the planet Earth. There are seven continents. They are Africa, South America, North America, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Antarctica. We live in North America. We live in the United States. We live in Pennsylvania. Our town is Brookville.

I like to see parades. I like to watch the traffic. I like my house because of  the paint, but I do not like the moss on the roof, because there are bugs in it. I like car rides. I like to run on the road to get candy at parades. I like when it is Christmas. I like presents, playing the computer and holding the chickens. I like to look out the windows.  I like to play with Zaine and Emmett. I like to sleep. I feel comfy in my bed. It is great I like to draw. I like to color. I like to exercise. I like to read books and magazines. I like to suck on my cups and cuddle with daddy on my bed. I like to color with mommy and celebrating mommy's birthday every year. It is fun, really fun.

AA is playing a video game. I am supposed to do my work and I am not supposed to look out into space. I love daddy. I am almost done. I am going to have no fun and AA is having fun. I am never going to be done ever. Mommy is getting water for the chickens. When I grow up I am going to be a race car driver and I am going to have a cat. I need to go pee but Daddy says no. Mommy is taking a long time and AA is watching tv.