Monday, August 29, 2011


Some bugs are good and some are bad. So be cafeful.  You think bugs are good, but they are bad, OK? Make sure you see what it does so you know what it does.

I don't to go camping or cuckycheese ever not for the rest for my life. I want to stay home on my birthday, it's true. I don't want to go, so I'm making sure and Daddy doesn't like my blogs, so he will not like this one.

Today is a special day! In a warm, quiet corner of the barn Mama cat nestles in the hay.

"I really love Gramdpa,"said Speedy. " I want him to be happy. I promise I'll visit with him tomorrow."

"That would be a very nice thing to do, Speedy," said his mother. Speedy ran off to the path. Lightning and the other colts were waiting for him there. Little red hen lives happily on a farm along with her three chicks.


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