Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Camp Out Story and the Day Off

We were going to not have fun at the camp at all. I am just going to lie down in the tent and not eat anything all night and not eat anything at all and that is all for the camp out.

I am going to smack AA in the face and now I don't know what. AA is a liar. A small liar.

You are not listening. I want a day off. I can't help it. I want a day off off off off off. I'm hungry. I don't know what to type. I don't know. I don't want to write a story. I hope you understand. I don't want to do these.

Mommy is going to send us to bed which is what I wanted, but I don't want to go in the corner for a hour. Today I have to do two blogs and if I don't have it done by to tomorrow I will do three blogs.

Oh I will not think about camp out now. I'm not thinking about the camp out now. I am thinking about my blog and the camp out. I don't know if I want to go to the camp out or not. I just don't know.

I typed a lot from yesterday. It looks like it is longer.

  I'm going to not sit by Calya and Zaine at all. I'm going to tell spooky stories and now I'm thinking about something weird on TV.  I don't want hot dogs at the camp out. I just want smores and marshmallows. Well maybe I'll have one hot dog or two. I don't know how many I want. Two will be fine and okay, so maybe I will have smores and corn on a cob. That will be a great supper. I will get to cook my own hot dogs and marshmallows. I will like it now. It will be fun in the tent with Pooh Bear all night and day, so much fun. So I will make sure you understand and at the camp out I will tell Zaine a story about a cow and it's baby called AA the calf.

Once there was a calf named AA. When he was five, he was lost in the woods and saw a barn with chickens and dogs. When AA saw candy corn and he thought it was real corn. It wasn't. it was cardboard. He saw footprints and went home to see his friends. They had cake and corn. So when they went in the barn they couldn't fit in the door. So they went one at a time. It worked. Then they jumped in the hay. the end                                             

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