Saturday, August 27, 2011

Djamolodine's Blog for Today

I am writing a story about fish. 

Puffer fishes puff up when they are getting eaten so they don't fit in the fishes mouths. The sharks teeth are huge. The blue whale is huge. Even its baby is huge. Clown fish have stripes.

Sheep have wool to make pillows. Some cows have horns, like goats.

The Chucky Cheeses crown is for birthdays only and a money machine for prizes, lots. They have fun games, lots of games. They have cake, pizza, and bread sticks. It will be great. I love chuckycheeses. It is fun.

There were three billy goats that wanted to cross a bridge, but there was a troll underneath. The littlest goat went first. The troll said, "Who is trip trapping on my bridge?"

"It's me, little goat."

"I am going to eat you," said the troll.

"Please don't eat me. My big brother is coming." So the troll let the little goat go. Then middle goat came.

Then the troll said, "who is trip trapping on my bridge?"

"It's me, middle goat."

"I'm going to eat you," said the troll.

''Please don't, my big brother is coming.'' So he let him go.

"Who is trip trapping on my bridge?

"It's me, big goat."

"I'm going to eat you,"  said the troll.

"OK, eat me."

So the troll did and then the troll fell into the water.  the end for the billy goat story                    

I am wishing that I could read.

What is the day after tomorrow? Monday

 The car is red.

Do you know how to get to zaine's house? no

Go upstairs and read a book.

Adrien and I are going to eat a goat.

When does the party start? I don't know.

Who is ralph? I don't know.

Which dog is the cutest? poodles

I am running through the forest without any shoes.

The paper plate is dirty.

Is the paper plate clean? no

What color is the sky? blue

The chickens are noisy.

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