Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Djamolodine's Dino Blog

Dinosaurs lived a long time ago. The t- rex, the spinosaurus, the dromaeosaurus, and the compsognathus, the stegosaurus, the triceratops, the brachiosaurus, and the dinodocus were all dinosaurs. The stegosaurus changes the color of  its plates. The triceratops defends itself by its horns. The dinodocus waves its tail. The triceratops eats plants. I like the dinodocus  because of its tail.  It is an herbivore.  I like the dromaeosaurus because of its feathers. The stygimoloch has a helmet and spikes on its head and it is fast like the dromaeosaurus. The quetzalcoatlus is the biggest bird ever. The smallest bird ever was the pterodactylus. It eats fish like a cat.

The t-rex is the king of the dinos and the stygimoloch head butts other stygimolochs. R-rex's like to eat brontosaurus's.  T-rex have teeth as big as bananas, and it can break bones with its teeth. So maybe they can eat stegosaurus's. It is two stories tall. The t-rex was also known as the king of the dinos and that is all I know about the t-rex.  It  was also known as the lizard king and it lives in the cretaceous period oever 100 years ago. The t-rex was one of the biggest meat eaters that ever lived. It was huge. It was as long as three cars. T-rex is amazing and cool. It is my favorite meat eater and I like it because it is brown, because of its teeth and that it is a meat eater and the fun part is its arms because their arms are short. Really the t-rex was about the size of a spinosaurus except the snout and the spine and everything.

You can not see dinos, but you can make a copy, draw one or color or do all those at one time. Some people think that a giant meteorite destroyed them all. Since nobody knew what happened, we just know that they're not here anymore. Some dinos have feathers.

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