Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Strange Halloween

We were working in a construction site. We went home and mommy had new twins named Glab and Med. They were happy and we went to the park. Then while we were swinging, the twins were walking. We were surprised that they were walking around the park all day and we went to the concert. They were happy because it was their birthday. So it was fun and Glab died and then we were sad, really sad that Glab died, but AA was happy, very happy and then we were mad. Then we fought together. Med was happy, very happy.

The next day we went back to the construction site with cranes, cement trucks, bulldozers and dump trucks. It was fun, so much fun. Skyler came by and said, "what are you doing?"

I said, "we're building a house, a big house, really really big as a skyscraper or bigger. OK?"

Skyler said, "OK," and we went home and then Med died because of AA hitting her in the face, in the belly, the cheeks, and the back. So they sent AA to Grama's house for a week and we came in the middle of the week. Then we left so he does not sneek in the car and hide in the back or front. The next day the house was done. It was red, green and yellow. When we got home mommy died, but nobody was there because we looked and looked and looked and looked but there was no sign of anybody. We could not find anybody. No one was there, no one at all. Then there was a creek a croak. It was a bad guy, really bad, so bad, but it was Halloween and then everybody jumped and said "happy Halloween." The End                     

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