Sunday, September 25, 2011


We had a busy day yesterday, another one today, because we are going to Maggie's party, or not. We are going to have fun today. There will be cake and more food to eat. Now I am thinking of last year, it was more fun with the playground, a slide, some climby thingy, and a little house with a ship wheel. That was fun and slide things too. I do not know what they are called. Today is going to be so much fun yay! Holden is coming the day after tomorrow. It is our birthday yay! Fun Center here I come, in a couple of days.

At the truck stop I had a mouse pancake and bacon.

I think we caught the rat. I think Daddy needs to check.

I am hungry.

Mommy is sleeping with a baby house chicken, yucky gross.

I need to type faster so I can eat my pancake and a muffin, yum yum. So that is why I type fast. AA types slow, because he is not as hungry as I am. I want a muffin and my pancake. That will be a great breakfast. I am really hungry. AA is not because he is looking at pictures and wasting time. I am going to be done before night now. AA was watching Thomas videos. I love today because I am doing this faster than two days ago. I don't feel good, not much. I am excited. I am way ahead of AA. I will get to play games first. AA is going to be so bored. I do not think I can type any more. Daddy wants the page about full. Daddy has something to show us. I cannot see what it is, maybe Hot Wheels or a little machine. Those will be great. It is a game I want to play it, maybe it has a slingshot. I do not know what it is. I want to know what it is. I am thinking about it. Daddy scared me two times. I do not know what to type now. Daddy has to make a phone call so I have to keep typing.

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