Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Camp Out Today

Today we are going camping with my best big sister ever Cayla. Zaine is not coming because he will fall into the fire. I cant wait. Don't forget the marshmallows and night light. I'm sitting by Cayla and I'm cooking my own hot dogs tonight.

Mommy said that a rat was a water bottle. She went closer and it moved and ran to Choice.

Choice is called Choice because it has chocolate and ice, so they called it Choice.

Tonight I will play tag with Holden all day. Holden will not catch me at all because I'm fast. AA's almost done. Now I want to go. If the fire works come I'll watch it in the tent at the camp out. I will be happy. Daddy got a camera. I took pictures of AA and Daddy. Daddy got a tooth in pop. It's there for a week. Mommy got our clothes. When I'm done I'll put them on so we can be early and quick before Holden leaves.   

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