Friday, September 16, 2011


Once there was a cat eating dog food.  A dog was eating cat food. The owner that it was funny it was like opposite day when it was so they made a party bloons everywhere and steamers to it was so much fun at pinata time then puppets popped. Out everywhere The End and at the fun center I'm going to play hideinsik in the GYM. The GYM is huge I'll get conthust witch way it is like a maze I might give up and then run out of the GYM to tell Mommy about it then Mommy well help me. Do it fun Tuesday is when where doing I'm so exsided I cant what till Tuesday athter Tuesday or ride the bus. Or race car. I just do not know what to do Mommy gave us milk when you were at the cort house Daddy were lucky at the fun center I am going down the huge slid three or four times and try not to be nerves about the huge slid I will try it Clara died like Owl but bigger I am having cookies for breakfast I want to lick the spoon I needed to type till you got home Daddy I want English muffins and there is no more muffins for me today because I do not want some muffins I wanted you to came home Once there was a cat in a GYM working out for the week then a dog came and cat cast the dog and never stopped because hes muscles are huge The End
on my video there is accidents happen I like it because trains crash together fall and crash trains off the track and pulling stuff  

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