Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yesterday Mommy let as do school in till daddy got back, so we still wanted to play on the computer.

Pizza Delivery it is so much fun. Like the truck game and other ones.

Why do I smell apples? Oh I love this day, pretty much. Daddy is working hard all day.

Once there was a cat in a hat, looking at the map then took a nap and then he jumped out the hat. The end.

On Sunday were going to Maggie's party. Oh that wold be fun because I love her so much. We tell jokes play lots of stuff. We're going to my favorite creek. I am not swimming. I am playing in the play ground. I  think there is one. Holden might be there. Yay, yay, yay, I am so exited to go play with Maggie and Holden because I love them. They're different but there my best cousins.

I am hungry. I do not like today. I feel better now. AA was playing games. AA is in big trouble. AA keeps lying and keeps playing games and running around.

I have a splinter.

Once there was a train named Henry. One day Henry had a accident, he fell in a mud pit. Percy helped him up. Henry was surprised. The End     

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