Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kitty Story

There is a dead mosquito under the computer. It's really scary and about three inches is long.

Once there was a cat in a bowl with milk all over and wherever it went it was wet. He mad the stairs wet and everything. Then he got a bath. He jumped out and got everything wetter. After supper it went outside then a dog came. The cat ran up a tree. The firemen came, but they couldn't reach a high branch. They needed a different firetruck. When it came it, the mission was accomplished.

When Daddy leaves, he will get me headphones. I don't know what to type for today. I did not remind Daddy about my fingernails and toenails. I want Daddy to check this, so I'll do it fast, I'll try. We had so much fun last night. When Daddy was little Gramma Grampa had 8- tracks. I'm getting upset, so after this is done make me feel happy by watching Beakmen, because I did not watch it for three or two days. I don't know about four maybe. So today I'm watching it, I really am, because it's one of my favorite shows on Netflix. Last night I did not sleep. I'm staying here in till I'm done.  

Once there was a kitten. It was lost and hungry. Then it found a pet shop. He went in. He jumped in a cage. The owner had customers. They got the kitten and took good care of him and had a good time with him. Now the owner will have so much fun when the kitten grows up. He was digging in the garden, so they put him in a cage. They kept him inside for a week. He was sad. He got no food or water. At night he crept out of the cage and caught mice, lots and lots, and then he was not hugery for a week. The End

The more food I see, the hungrier I get. So I want sandwiches and cereal and milk to drink. I want to do my typing game. I really want to play it because I like it. ...well a little bit. This looks long. I typed a lot, pretty much lots.         

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