Friday, September 9, 2011


Last night Mommy got two sandwiches. Once there was a doggy that's name was Queew. It got three puppies. They were just born in two years. It was their birthday. They were two. It was strange. The End

I got my head phones on so I can listen to music like the Green Grass All Around thing or I don't know, Down the Bay, the duck song, maybe. I like the Sesame street Elmo song. I like the Zaine "come on" thing. Zaine will think it's funny. It is not really funny. He will dance the beat, a funny beat. Yesterday was garbage day. Once there was a cat that was listening to music. Listening to lot of songs, like the one I'm listening to right now, the rainbow song. I don't know what this song is called. I have no idea. I love this because it's funny it is called Down by the Bay. It is a great song. The End

I don't know what to type. Mommy didn't wake up yet, but it's 1:04. I'm dancing to the beat. It's fun. This is a weird song. This is funny, pretty funny. This is my sunshine.

Once there was a chicken with headphones on wherever it went, but it wouldn't fit in coop. It would not fit in the door or the holes. So it was miserable. Then the coop exploded! Wood flew all over the place, even in the trees. The wood in the trees feel on someone's head, which is AA's head. Then it was in half. The End

Now I really don't know what to type about. Now Daddy gave me a idea. I'll type about him. Yesterday he wrote a note about the headphones and he did not cut my nails, because I was in bed, but it was 9:00 before Daddy got home.                                    

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