Saturday, September 17, 2011


Last night when I was brushing my teeth my tooth fell out. The tooth fairy did not give me any candy. I told Mommy to write a letter for what I want from her. I don't want this to happen again. I'm tellng Mommy about this until she understands.

Once there was a cat on a dog jumping and scratching. The dog was angry and chased it all over the park and city. Then they came to a dangerous bridge, no dogs allowed, because it was a cat bridge. If a dog was on it or something heaver it will break. The End

When I'm done I am going to play with Skyler or little fussy pants. I am ahead of AA. I accidentally deleted everything. I thought that I needed to start all over again. Daddy fixed it. I am happy. I forgot about the candy, not much, but I did. If I keep this up I will be done in a hour. So I will play with the baby and watch Thomas. I am three lines ahead of AA. Mommy and Daddy need to work so I will watch him. After he leaves I will watch Thomas Accidents Will Happen. I am going to the chickenstock with bunnies, chicks and more. I can not say them all, because there are so many animals. It will be fun.

Once there was a cat that was acting like a chihuahua, because it was a chihuahua. The owner thought that it was a funny cat, because it was dancing funny. So he brought it back to the pet shop. Nobody wanted it, so it died. The End

I will be done. AA's watching videos. After this is done I get to eat. I was lucky yesterday, because I was done.

Once there was a dog named Lucky he was not really lucky. He was lost in a dangerous building with a hole in floor. A dog catcher fell in the hole, another one slipped on ice and fell in a pond and got really cold and was ice. When they went off in their truck it was on fire, because the wire that connects to the heater and thats way the truck was on fire. The End

I will be done and have some cookies for breakfast. I am hungery so that's way I am going fast. AA's going slow for breakfast. I want a cookie a tortilla and milk. 

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