Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We had fun yesterday because we played games and had laser pops for a treat. I am excited to play angry farm animals, it is like Angry Birds pretty much, not all of it.
 Last night I forgot to put my cup into the fridge.

Oh, this day is going to be fun, pretty much. I think I got AA's brain because am I going faster or know what to type about.

Maybe the doctor will help me figure this out when I go for my check up tomorrow, for a test. It is like a early check up, no shots, they hurt to much. Mommy says when you have medicine when you are not sick you'll get sick. So I want to be healthy so I do not get a shot. AA screams when he gets one.

I am doing good on my blogs every day, but Monday because it is our day off. This is exciting because I'll be done soon if I keep typing this the same speed as now, I get to play math games and logic puzzles that give your brain a work out.  It is funny, brains do not work out. It is stupid maybe it is a joke.

AA has been interrupting me wile Daddy was up stairs, it is true, I am not lying. I smile when I lie so does AA.

Sometimes AA throws stuff and I get on him.

Daddy is going Salamanca. We're going to have fun, so is Daddy. We'll like Mommy watching us. Daddy might go in a minute or three. I thought he was leaving. Now he is going to Salamanca, or not,  Daddy is coming back       

by Djamolodine 

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