Sunday, September 18, 2011


Once there was a cat in an attic playing hide and seek. Nobody found him, so they gave up. The cat won the game. He was the best player ever. So they got a dog to help out. Then the dog won. Everyone was surprised that it found them when they were in a hole in the ground. They moved, but did not take the dog. The dog was not happy so he snook into the car under a seat. That dog was really sneaky. Then it was happy. The owner was mad and then the owner kicked him. The End

Tomorrow it is our day off, yay! That will be so much fun. I am going to play Angry  Birds and watch Accidents Will Happen and there is a big Thomas ride-on train. Daddy is coming to ride with me. That will be fun. It looks fun too. Oh we can have the little Thomas for Zaine when we watch him or Skyler. I will push so it goes faster. Zaine will like it. I will make a hill for the train. If it will not go up, I will push it up the hills and it will go fast from me pushing.

Once there was a cat jumping down the street. Then it ran in a house. It looked nice on the outside, but had traps on the inside, lots and lots of traps and camouflaged traps. The cat saw a ramp, so he climbed the ramp and thought a trap was a bridge. The cat got squished, so did the owner. The End

What else I love about Thomas is when things fall on a different train or diesels. Oh and on one of the shows Molly and Emily battle. The name of the show is Molly vs Emily. Emily won. I thought Molly would win, because Emily's tender was off the edge. When Molly's tender was off the track she was out of power, so Emily won. This is why Molly ran out of power, the batteries are in the tender, and when Molly's tender was off the track she got weak. So Emily won because her batteries had a rest.     


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