Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Dog story

I just talked while mommy was on the phone, like always, every day. So if it rings again, I'm not making a sound, not a peep. So I'll try not to make a noise.

Once there was a dog that was sick, so he needed hot water and food. The next day he was better and he played all day. That night he got a puppy, a brown one with black spots. They went to the attic for bed, because there is a doggy bed for everyone. Then a cat came and jumped on the puppy.  The big dog bumped it and they cuddled together for the night. The end.

At the camp it wasn't the way I wanted it to be. I played horseshoes I got a double ringer. I played on the trampoline with Holden, Maggie, and Hayden. It was fun. I bounced high. AA bounced low. We fought. We were not allowed to play on it. I wanted to sit. Calya left tommy at the camp out, so he had to wait there in the tent. AA was squishing me in the tent and Daddy was squishing Mommy. She was squishing AA. He was squishing me. All night at the camp out Daddy's phone was ringing.  It woke me up. When I was going pee a daddy long leg crawled up the wall. I did not cook one hot dog, I am really upset. I hope Duane understands next year or I'll write a letter for him just in case.

My full name is: Djamolodine Duane Shaffer 

I live in: Brookville, because Mommy took me here. 

The state I live in is: Pennsylvania

When I grow up I want to be a: Race car driver. I want to be a race car driver, because I like them. Their spoiler, their paint, everything, that's why, but I don't like being runned over. Dance to the beat of the radio.    
My favorite holiday is: Halloween, because of the candy and lollipops. I want to dress up as Lightning. I'll go vroom and scare them. They'll think I'm McQueen. I'll pick which candy I want.   

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