Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 Once there was a car in RS to get a paint job at Romone's. His friend is Greta.
  Mommy has the hiccups it's funny when it starts.

The Tooth Fairy is coming tomorrow night yay. I will be getting a push pop, a red one. Double yay. I'm excited about tonight.

Once there was a cat that was playing in the fire pit. So it throws twigs all over the fire pit then it was lost in the twigs.

Once there was a dog named Dogu. It was lonely all day, so it ran away to a pizza store for something to eat because it was hugery and the pizza store was the closest to home. Dogu thought it was why he got kicked out. Because he was bothering the baby named Socute, because it was so cute and crawls all over the house, even up the stairs. So he went to a pet shop far away and a customer came in and had Dogu forever and was happy about it.

When we get the boomerang bird it's going to be fun with them getting shot at the pigs or in the air and click when it's coming down.

Mommy said there was a UFO. I'm scared about the UFO. I want to see it. I hope I see it. I don't believe in UFOs they are not real it doesn't make sense to believe it.  I need to see it.                          

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