Sunday, October 2, 2011

Djamolodine's 7th Birthday

"We had three days off yesterday I was really bored because daddy was working and getting cake so I did not have that much fun well at the fun center I figured out to ways to get to the big red slide I asked why. Just in case there is a way filled with kids go the other way if there was two dead ends that will not be good.

Dennis is under me she is so cute. I am ahead of AA. Denny wants held by me. She is a couple weeks old. Maybe three or two. She is funny. We got worms. Denny loves me. I have a hole in my leg. The baby is distracting me, because she is cute.

I am scared. I am ahead. I wish I was not itchy. I am thinking of something weird on Netflix. AA is having a really bad day, because he is not going fast. I am pretty much. It is funny that we thought that peanut butter was cavities, it was peanut butter. We got a toy gun thing. It broke. AA is catching up.

Denny is silly every second hour minute and day I am really scared, but I am doing good really good is what I think Denny is really loud I can not concentrate and Dennis is under my chair playing like she is in a gym like where we went. That was a fun gym. I got great presents. Now I do not know what
to type about. At Fun Center there was Gramma, Holden, Zaine, and my big sister. That is as far as I can go. I can not think of anything else. I do not want to say the same thing over and over again. We played mini golf. AA fell and hit his tongue. I do not like mornings like this.

My belly hurts. I need to poop AA is really really stupid. I got gooey stuff on my elbow. AA kissed Daddy, ew. Mommy is up yay! Great I want to show her how much I typed. I want a picture of a baby bald eagle silkie in a house. I do not now what Daddy is talking about, my blog is huge. Daddy is going to be so happy and surprised. That is as far as I can go for now. I think this looks really good and big. I love today. Daddy bringing the baby outside if it is a house chicken. We got worms from the fun center. I forgot everything else. It is true, it is nice outside.  

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