Saturday, October 29, 2011


There are two bees buzzing all around me.
We got lots of costumes.
We got new trains. They are so much fun. AA destroyed the battery powered train. He took the wheels off and took a coupling off of the train, it is true.
We got Angry Bird stuff. They are great. We have blocks to make a hideout, those are fun.
Daddy is going to the school that Grampa went to when he was little. Daddy wants to live in it. I do not want to because there are holes in the floor, drywall is falling off the ceiling it is really a dangerous old house. I do not know why daddy wants to live in that house. Mommy wants to live in a different house. I do not know what type about Halloween. We went to the school to play with trains and watch the cement truck. It got stuck. Daddy got him out with the skidder. We went to Tammy's and waited for Grandma. She picked us up, then we watched volleyball and then we went to Bilo to get a treat. That is all the things I remember about it.
I think daddy is not going to the new house today. No I do not know what to type about. In a half an hour Daddy will check this because it is 9:33. I am really really excited today. I'm having fun, not lots, but I am. I saw a huge fly. I do not know what to type about. I am typing fast today. AA was playing a game. AA needs to hurry up. I do not that much, because my blog is huge and Daddy said I am almost done with this. The more I type the happier I get. It is 9:53. Daddy was right. I love Daddy so much he is the best parent I ever had for today. AA got glasses. I forgot all about it. I am really hungry and now I am not feeling happy, because of that. Daddy is going to check this when he comes in, yay! This is going to be so much fun. I am lucky today.      

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