Friday, November 25, 2011

Alligator and Panda

Once there was an alligator and a panda. They planted a sunflower in January. Then a weird looking fellow came. His name was Jim. He was clever. The Panda said hello. They were spelling all day. Then they went to a party. They went out the exit when they left the party. The door handle broke, so the panda jumped out the window. They were so cold they couldn't move left or right. They looked at a statue for entertainment. They took a camera with them to take a picture. They read facts. They went to some sanding on a tree. They can't do the top. Then the next day was February. They found a rattle at the yard sale. They never came again. For supper they had onions. The panda wanted extra onions. Then the next day the panda said, "Every day he will make an effort to write stories that make sense."

The End      


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