Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Story of Nyan cat

One day there was a littele kitty his body was a pop tart every one called him nyan cat. Why did they all call him nyan cat? I don't know Nyan Cat searched for a planet to live on then. He saw Earth! Nyan cat went down he saw that there was air and water Nyan Cat was so happy he lived there. One day two evil cats were on a planet called Mars they found Earth they saw a realy powerful sorce they did not know what it is. Tac nyan went and killed a rainbow. And  a guy. That day Nyan cat went a cross Earth then he heard BOOM!!! Nyan cat looked it was a dunot nyan. Nyan cat talked to him then the dunut nyan went away. Nyan cat was very happy untill NOTHER BOOM!!! Tac nyan shot in hit donut nyan. Nyan cat refused to fight Tac nyan. But he fighted. Later he got down then he got mad. Then made a GAINT rainbow flower of doom. But nyan did not win. Tac nyan shot down thousends of gray beams. Before one hit Nyan cat donut nyan died from the blast. Nyan cat got so sad he got into majer nyan! He turned all white made wings telaported to Tac nyan hit him so hard that he blew up his own planet. Nyan cat got home was sad that donut nyan died but nyan cat was happy again then went maken rain bows all over Earth    The End

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

About Cats Baby Cat Photo is Cute

Cats are little mammals. They live in houses as indoor pets. Some people call them house cats. When cats see little house pests like rats and mice they make sure that the house has no mice or rats. They have teeth like the ones you see in their mouths. They are sharp for catching their prey. Cats are mammals. When they are born they don't drink or eat for a little while though, but when they grow up they are ready to eat and drink. They drink milk and water. They eat cat feed, fish, meats and other stuff. People say cats have nine lives. That's not really true. The truth is cats have one life just like humans do. Cats can hear and smell better than humans. If you see a wild animal you might think it's a cat, because it might be a wild cat. Baby cats eat a lot. My cat does the same.

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Story of the Angry Birds and Nyan Cat

One day there was a lot of birds that live in a tree. One day all their eggs hatched, but they had no wings or feet. The baby birds were so happy. When they grew up they had their own nest. The pigs saw the eggs and they thought of eating the eggs. It sounded good. The birds saw a fly touch their eggs and they got so angry.

REAHEAHA! Red bird sling shotted at it. The pigs saw their chance. They stole the eggs and went home. When the birds saw the eggs were gone they got so mad that they slingshotted at the pigs forever and ever and ever, but the pigs fortress was too strong. The pigs laughed and laughed. Chef pig didn't. He was sweating trying to make eggs when king pig said, "Oh, chef pig come here."

"We have a guest?" chef pig said

"Ok," he said, then he went and saw the guest was a gaint cat.

"Chef pig this is Tac nyan, Tac nyan, this is Chef pig," King pig said. Chef pig gasped. The angry birds heard that the pigs got a new worker. They were angrier than an angry bird. Then another giant cat came. The angry birds ran away, so did the cat. The angry birds looked back. They liked the cat and that cat was Nyan Cat. Now the pigs were mad. Cat vs cat, pig vs birds, but the pigs saw the birds singing and king pig did not know the angry birds could talk. Then when red bird was done he called it angry bird rap. Yellow and green thought red should be famous. White was confused. Yellow and bomb were happy for what the song said about them. The pigs were double angry. The song said kill the pigs. King pig's head exploded.

He got so mad he said, "ATTACCKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tac nyan went so fast, so did Nyan cat. The two cats hit each other. King pig got freaked out. red bird killed king pig, then nine thousand bomb birds sling shotted. Then Nyan cat and bomb bird blew up. Tac nyan got starteld and ran away. He made a song, Good Bye to King Pig. King pig was so mad. Nyan cat sat on king pig. King pig died. The angry birds had victory! When the birds got the eggs they had so much fun with nyan cat. The End

Thursday, November 29, 2012


What I want for Christmas: boomerang bird, chef pig, ice bird, blue space bird, fat bird, builder pig and helmet pig.

What I want to do on Christmas: Go to grandma's, have fun, play with friends and cousins. I want to say the blessing and sing happy birthday to Jesus, get presents, share, make friends and have cake.

What I want to eat on Christmas: Turkey, cookies, mashed potatos, meat loaf, banana bread, and apple bread. 

The Story of Santa

Once upon a time was a littele boy. He grew and grew and grew. Then he was a big boy, good and nice. One day he was sleeping. Then he got a big beard and it was white. He needed glasses. Then every body called him Santa. Santa went to the north pole. He made a cozy cottage then some people came. They were small. They wanted to work for Santa. Santa agreed. He put them in costumes and sent them to work. They made toys and robots for little kids all over the world. Santa saw a lot of flying reindeer. He thought that they could pull his sleigh. He built a barn and kept the deer inside. One day it was a holiday called Chistmas. Santa asked the littele people, "What is Christmas?"

The little peopele said, "Christmas is a holiday when you deliver presents."

Santa said, "Oh," and he got the reindeer and went to give presents.            The End

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cute girl

last night I

Angry Birds is Fun

Angry birds is the best game ever. The pigs stole the bird eggs and then the birds were angry. The pigs were scared. They stood there, red bird killed them. They made a house of ice. Bluebird killed it. They gave up then had a idea. They built a house of rock. The birds slingshotted at it, but it was too strong. The pigs were so happy, but they still were gonna die. Later red bird asked black and white for help, they did. The pigs heard wierd sounds. King pig looked and then he saw a egg sling shotting. King pig was so happy. But he saw the egg was an angry bird king pig went to the house. White bird pooped a egg on the house and it blew up. Black bird came, all king pig saw was a bomb. King pig said, "A BOMB?!" He went in the house. Black bird blew all the rock up then red and blue and yellow killed the pigs, but Christmas came then the angry birds saw a little egg in the bushes. The pigs saw their chance to get the eggs. The birds say their eggs were gone. When all the pigs were cooking they heard CAW!!. They looked and saw a bird going over the house of the pigs. The pigs laughed amd they cooked some more. The pig did not hear the green bird until three minutes later. They looked and they saw nothing but the sky. They heard the bird then the bird blew up tnt on the pigs house. Easter came, the angry birds were happy as heck. But the pig were not. They wanted eggs. The birds saw thousands of candy pieces and they went over. The pigs plan worked. The pigs stole the eggs. The birds did not want to sling shot, but they had sardines. The pigs made a brick house then the sardines chef pig thought of sardines with eggs he was going to get the sardines then he heard a mighty loud noise looked up saw an eagle. The eagele killed all pigs. They now are happy forever. The End

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Angry Birds Knok On Wood Plush Version

The bomb bird got stuck, and yellow did a lot of damage. Baby bomb bird sucks,a nd red to red did no damage at all. He was like a car up a ramp.Yellow did I see that brick how powerful yellow was good, but I thought big bomb will comeplete I guess not cause he's fluffy.