Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Angry Birds is Fun

Angry birds is the best game ever. The pigs stole the bird eggs and then the birds were angry. The pigs were scared. They stood there, red bird killed them. They made a house of ice. Bluebird killed it. They gave up then had a idea. They built a house of rock. The birds slingshotted at it, but it was too strong. The pigs were so happy, but they still were gonna die. Later red bird asked black and white for help, they did. The pigs heard wierd sounds. King pig looked and then he saw a egg sling shotting. King pig was so happy. But he saw the egg was an angry bird king pig went to the house. White bird pooped a egg on the house and it blew up. Black bird came, all king pig saw was a bomb. King pig said, "A BOMB?!" He went in the house. Black bird blew all the rock up then red and blue and yellow killed the pigs, but Christmas came then the angry birds saw a little egg in the bushes. The pigs saw their chance to get the eggs. The birds say their eggs were gone. When all the pigs were cooking they heard CAW!!. They looked and saw a bird going over the house of the pigs. The pigs laughed amd they cooked some more. The pig did not hear the green bird until three minutes later. They looked and they saw nothing but the sky. They heard the bird then the bird blew up tnt on the pigs house. Easter came, the angry birds were happy as heck. But the pig were not. They wanted eggs. The birds saw thousands of candy pieces and they went over. The pigs plan worked. The pigs stole the eggs. The birds did not want to sling shot, but they had sardines. The pigs made a brick house then the sardines chef pig thought of sardines with eggs he was going to get the sardines then he heard a mighty loud noise looked up saw an eagle. The eagele killed all pigs. They now are happy forever. The End

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