Thursday, November 29, 2012


What I want for Christmas: boomerang bird, chef pig, ice bird, blue space bird, fat bird, builder pig and helmet pig.

What I want to do on Christmas: Go to grandma's, have fun, play with friends and cousins. I want to say the blessing and sing happy birthday to Jesus, get presents, share, make friends and have cake.

What I want to eat on Christmas: Turkey, cookies, mashed potatos, meat loaf, banana bread, and apple bread. 

The Story of Santa

Once upon a time was a littele boy. He grew and grew and grew. Then he was a big boy, good and nice. One day he was sleeping. Then he got a big beard and it was white. He needed glasses. Then every body called him Santa. Santa went to the north pole. He made a cozy cottage then some people came. They were small. They wanted to work for Santa. Santa agreed. He put them in costumes and sent them to work. They made toys and robots for little kids all over the world. Santa saw a lot of flying reindeer. He thought that they could pull his sleigh. He built a barn and kept the deer inside. One day it was a holiday called Chistmas. Santa asked the littele people, "What is Christmas?"

The little peopele said, "Christmas is a holiday when you deliver presents."

Santa said, "Oh," and he got the reindeer and went to give presents.            The End

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