Friday, November 30, 2012

The Story of the Angry Birds and Nyan Cat

One day there was a lot of birds that live in a tree. One day all their eggs hatched, but they had no wings or feet. The baby birds were so happy. When they grew up they had their own nest. The pigs saw the eggs and they thought of eating the eggs. It sounded good. The birds saw a fly touch their eggs and they got so angry.

REAHEAHA! Red bird sling shotted at it. The pigs saw their chance. They stole the eggs and went home. When the birds saw the eggs were gone they got so mad that they slingshotted at the pigs forever and ever and ever, but the pigs fortress was too strong. The pigs laughed and laughed. Chef pig didn't. He was sweating trying to make eggs when king pig said, "Oh, chef pig come here."

"We have a guest?" chef pig said

"Ok," he said, then he went and saw the guest was a gaint cat.

"Chef pig this is Tac nyan, Tac nyan, this is Chef pig," King pig said. Chef pig gasped. The angry birds heard that the pigs got a new worker. They were angrier than an angry bird. Then another giant cat came. The angry birds ran away, so did the cat. The angry birds looked back. They liked the cat and that cat was Nyan Cat. Now the pigs were mad. Cat vs cat, pig vs birds, but the pigs saw the birds singing and king pig did not know the angry birds could talk. Then when red bird was done he called it angry bird rap. Yellow and green thought red should be famous. White was confused. Yellow and bomb were happy for what the song said about them. The pigs were double angry. The song said kill the pigs. King pig's head exploded.

He got so mad he said, "ATTACCKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tac nyan went so fast, so did Nyan cat. The two cats hit each other. King pig got freaked out. red bird killed king pig, then nine thousand bomb birds sling shotted. Then Nyan cat and bomb bird blew up. Tac nyan got starteld and ran away. He made a song, Good Bye to King Pig. King pig was so mad. Nyan cat sat on king pig. King pig died. The angry birds had victory! When the birds got the eggs they had so much fun with nyan cat. The End

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