Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Story of Nyan cat

One day there was a littele kitty his body was a pop tart every one called him nyan cat. Why did they all call him nyan cat? I don't know Nyan Cat searched for a planet to live on then. He saw Earth! Nyan cat went down he saw that there was air and water Nyan Cat was so happy he lived there. One day two evil cats were on a planet called Mars they found Earth they saw a realy powerful sorce they did not know what it is. Tac nyan went and killed a rainbow. And  a guy. That day Nyan cat went a cross Earth then he heard BOOM!!! Nyan cat looked it was a dunot nyan. Nyan cat talked to him then the dunut nyan went away. Nyan cat was very happy untill NOTHER BOOM!!! Tac nyan shot in hit donut nyan. Nyan cat refused to fight Tac nyan. But he fighted. Later he got down then he got mad. Then made a GAINT rainbow flower of doom. But nyan did not win. Tac nyan shot down thousends of gray beams. Before one hit Nyan cat donut nyan died from the blast. Nyan cat got so sad he got into majer nyan! He turned all white made wings telaported to Tac nyan hit him so hard that he blew up his own planet. Nyan cat got home was sad that donut nyan died but nyan cat was happy again then went maken rain bows all over Earth    The End

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