Friday, March 8, 2013

Ghost Train

One day the boss of a train yard told a employee about getting rid of a train, that night the trains windows were all red and bloody and chuff so fast with smoke coming out of the funnel. When an employee was walking home he heard a noise then the train ran over him. The next day the boss was coming to work he saw the train and the dead employee he called the cops and a detective they could not see any thing. And the train would not move, the cops and the detective left. The boss went to work later he went home the train went into the woods and killed a fisher man fishing. The next day the boss saw it again he called the cops and the detective to watch. With the boss train the cops left after three hours the boss left after seven hours the detective left after nine hour then he heard chuffing he drove super fast then his car. Exploded he died and his car was now a pile of rubbish later the boss came he decided that he made a new house near the train yard the nine hours later the train was chugging it made a wild goose chase then he crashed the boss and he died in his car The End

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