Friday, July 26, 2013


One day there was a guy that was looking at new worlds he found a monster world he was messing around with the world. And credited a six legged turtle, a little man that had guns in him, and a giant monster the man made a room for the monsters the turtle was walking on the wall, the babyish one was sitting and the big one had problems the. King cam in and gasped there was a little baby boy with three legs the king was surprised then a random monster came. the kings monsters went to fight. the turtle showed a name tag  the little man showed a name tag the giant monster had a name tag the turtle was yugoth the little man was weirty  and the big one was oplad they were fighting. Then yugoth made a giant wave it hit oplad  it burnt oplad she was weak but she was the best monster in that world she made a death spark and killed the rainbow monster the battle ended the king put horse shoes on oplad. the queen said there was a lava flood from the snake pen then oplad jumpnt in the lava and went for a swim the king thought she was gonna die. At dinner oplad had to eat out side because she was wet head to hoof  in lava weirty was eating all the gravy and yugoth ate potato

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